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Model: CONCERT Series Digital Pianos
A piano for new beginnings.Packed with features for beginners through experts.The B2 is a new generation of digital piano from KORG focused on accessibility and ease of use. Perfect as a first piano for a new player, we've paid special attention to the experience of playing a real piano. B2 is packe..
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Model: CONCERT Series Digital Pianos
A piano for new beginnings.B2N brings a light touch keyboard to the grand piano experience.B2N provides the same functionality as the B2 but equipped with a lighter-touch keyboard.B2N is a new digital piano for players who want a reactive, light touch 88 key keyboard.Newly-developed natural-touch ke..
Ex Tax:RM2,325.00
Model: CONCERT Series Digital Pianos
A full piano setup for home or classroom.B2SP comes with everything a pianist needs.This set packages the B2 digital piano with a easily assembled stand and a three-pedal unit that gives you the experience of playing a real grand piano. This model includes everything you need to enjoy playing the pi..
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Model: Entertainer Keyboards
The keyboard that helps you playIf you’ve ever wanted to play or perform your favorite songs, or thought of a melody that could become an original song, KORG is here to help you realize your musical potential. The KORG EK-50 is an entertainer keyboard that you can enjoy on any musical level, and an ..
Ex Tax:RM2,215.00
Model: Entertainer Keyboards
EK-50 Bonus StylesWe offer more variations of the EK-50 Limitless's built-in "Styles" that allow you to enjoy the fun/convenience of the EK-50 Limitless even more. All data can be downloaded free of charge.Best-in-class sound and performance-ready aestheticsThe EK-50, KORG’s popular and approachable..
Ex Tax:RM2,705.00
Model: Digital Pianos
Bringing more fun to the piano with five new vibrant colors, each with their own special charm.KORG is delighted to announce five new colors to the Liano range of pianos, a lightweight and slim digital piano that makes it easy to start playing.In addition to the standard Black Liano, these 5 new col..
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Model: Digital Pianos
Premium Japan qualityThe KORG LP-380U digital piano features a Real Weighted Hammer Action (RH3) keyboard that divides the hammers into four different weights, with a heavier feel in the low register and a lighter feel in the high register as found on concert grand pianos. The entire process of maki..
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Model: Professional Arrangers
Listen and BelieveThe Pa300 is the latest keyboard in the KORG Pa series of internationally acclaimed and bestselling musical arrangers. It’s compact, inexpensive and powerful, with the most up-to-date collection of quality sounds and Styles. Using the built in Styles, you can quickly and easily pla..
Ex Tax:RM3,475.00
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